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Culture Spotting in Bulgaria

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The people of Bulgaria can proudly point to a brilliant and varied cultural heritage that takes account of the many influences that have impacted on this fascinating part of Central Europe. The early Thracians, the Greek and Roman cultures and the Ottomans, all have left a distinctive mark on modern Bulgaria. This has left a rich culture of art, architecture and music that everyone will enjoy and leaves Bulgaria with nine UNESCO world heritage sites.

The Legacy of Many

Bulgaria has had many influences impacting on its cultural landscape and from very early on in history it has left treasures for all to see. The Varna Necropolis yielded some of the earliest worked Golden treasure known to humanity. The Thracian culture has left many artifacts and also paintings and frescoes. Some of the finest can be seen at the toms in Svestari and Kazanlak. The Bulgars left a beautiful legacy of musical tradition and with all the other cultures combining it has left Bulgaria with one of the finest folk music heritages in the world.

Sofia: A Treasure Trove

The capital of Bulgaria is this beautiful city which reflects the many cultural influences that has been placed on it. From the foundation of the city 2400 years ago to the present day, the rich history and culture can be seen there. Among such treasures there are the remains of Serdica and the St George Rotunda, other highlights include Christian Roman architecture and medieval Bulgar fortresses. Sofia is in many ways the beating heart of Bulgarian culture and from the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral to the museums, theatres and art galleries, this city is the first stop for anyone looking for the culture of Bulgaria. All of this will make Bulgaria a fascinating place to visit and Sofia will be fist on the list to see the many and varied wonders within. Bulgaria is a reflection of the complexity and variety of Europe and remains a glorious jewel waiting to be discovered.

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