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Exploring Hemingway’s Paris

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The Paris of Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Gertrude Stein and Pablo Picasso is largely still intact and anyone with a predisposition to reach for this city’s literary heart will not be disappointed. Paris cafes have always boasted of famous clients and cafe society was always meant to be about more than drinking and eating, they are about the joi de vivre of this great city.

The Paris of Hemingway

Hemingway wrote some of his most important works in Paris, including Fiesta also known as The Sun Also Rises. That book details a group of British and American expatriates who Journey from Paris to Pamplona to see the world famous Bull Run during the festival of San Fermin. The book tells of the decadence of pre-war Parisian life. If you start at the crossroads of Montparnasse you can see the great Paris Cafes of the age of Jazz; Le Dôme, La Coupole, Le Rotonde and Le Select. These are where you can almost smell the tobacco smoke and hear the arguments, see Fitzgerald reading The Great Gatsby aloud.

All of these great Paris cafes offer the cuisine that makes this city so famous. Drinking and eating in Art-Deco splendour, sitting in seats that may have been used by literary giants, what book lover could want more?

More to Discover

Of course there is more to Hemingway’s Paris and the visitor will want to see the world famous Brasserie Lipp, from where he wrote his pre-war dispatches. Every diner can see evidence of the history of this place and the famous people who have frequented it. In Rue De Cardinal Lemoine you can see the small apartment where Hemingway lived very modestly but happily. This is above and old Music hall which is featured in The Sun Also Rises. This area in particular is littered with hotels and bed and breakfasts, meaning that finding accommodation in Paris is never a problem.

Then as befits a traveler looking for this most American of authors it is to Harry’s New York Bar, the place where Gerswhin played. That, like so many other Paris cafes, are so typical of that age of splendour and age of art-deco and the imagination of some of the greatest 20th century writers.

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