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Visiting the Tuscan Music Festival

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Tuscany is a magical place for lovers of all kinds of art. Traditionally your visit in Tuscany will be marked by the great historic beauty of the old cities, the magnificent cathedrals and churches, the charming public squares. But Tuscany is also host to the famous Tuscan Music Festival or Lucca Summer Festival. Here people are brought together to enjoy the beautiful city of Lucca in Tuscany, but with the added feature of great music performances. Wherever your accommodation in Tuscany may be, it is worth making the trip to see this spectacular combination of modern music in a historic setting.

The Lucca Summer Festival

The Lucca Summer Festival is a yearly event and is always set on the Piazza Napoleana in the heart of Lucca. Part of the charm of the city is that it has kept the medieval walls around the city, on which you can even walk around the city. This makes it a great option when you’re looking for accommodation in Tuscany as well, because it immediately brings you into the atmosphere of the region.

The Lucca Summer Festival will keep you occupied for the whole of July if that is when you plan your visit. Past performances include famous Italian artists as well as international performers such as Ben Harper, Lenny Kravitz, Alicia Keys, Nora Jones, and many others.

Other Music Festivals in Tuscany

Whether your accommodation in Tuscany is in Lucca or not, chances are high you will find some kind of music performance near where you’re staying during the summer months.

The Tuscan Sun Festival takes place in Florence in the middle of June and combines classical music, film, crafts and visual arts. Your chances of finding good accommodation in Tuscany are high when you look into big cities such as Florence.

In the case of the Opera Festival the music may come to you. It’s a Tuscan music festival that travels from city to city in Tuscany throughout July and August. Follow the trail of the opera music and you can be sure to see a great many beautiful places as well.

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