May 10

The World’s Most Architecturally Beautiful Cities

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If there is one thing that defines a city and its culture, it’s the architecture that adorns its streets. Some of the most visited tourist attractions of all time are the historic landmarks that are present in some of our most famous cities.


When it comes to beautiful architecture Barcelona has to be one of the finest cities on the planet, and the art nouveau style it is so well known for is characterized best by the works of Antoni Gaudi. The most iconic Gaudi building in the city is the magnificent La Sagrada Familia which has some of the most impressive spires imaginable. Other notable sites in the beautiful Spanish city include the Park Guell and Casa Mila.


If you are a fan of renaissance architecture then Florence has to be one of the most impressive cities in the world. As far as historic landmarks are concerned, it is unrivalled in its beauty, and is home to the most iconic religious buildings in the whole of Italy. The city is a shrine to the renaissance movement which was born there in the 14th Century, and some of the most beautiful historic landmarks include the Duomo and the Basilica of Santa Maria Novella. The city is full of decorative geometric and dome shaped buildings, all of which have been impeccably restored and rebuilt over time.


Whether you like modern architecture or not, there is no denying that Dubai is simply breathtaking and it has some of the most impressive displays of contemporary architecture anywhere on the planet. They do not do things by half in Dubai, and you will find the tallest, most expensive, and of course the most luxurious buildings in the world, all of which have been built within the last 50 years. With underwater hotels, the largest man made archipelago in the world, and many other exciting projects, this is the place to go if you are looking for modern design inspiration.

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